June is Bustin’ out!
June 14, 2013

Wow!  Summer has started with a bang.  The kids are getting out of school and I have just returned from my annual trip aboard the Schooner Stephen Taber.  There is nothing to compare with the company, the live music, the amazing food and some fantastic sailing aboard one of the oldest, traditional sailing vessels still earning her living on the Maine Coast. I roll the memories over and over in my mind like a fine single malt whisky because I know they need to last me an entire year until we can do it all again.   Here’s to the Barnes family and all of the fine people who make that trip such a warm reality every year.  I highly recommend this trip, and any other trip aboard the Taber to anyone who wants to have a once in a life-time, innovative experience that will stick to your ribs like Anna’s best beef stew and Newfi Rolls!

So I am pitched from the deck of the Taber right back into the crazy life of a working musician.  On Saturday the 15th, I am rocking out with Sean Mencher at a private party, then Sunday the 16th I’ll be playing some swinging Jazz with the Bellamy Jazz Band onboard another fine vessel – The Songo River Queen, as part of the Maine Blues Festival that runs every year on Father’s Day – so I’ll be celebrating that too with my wonderful family.  Next Saturday, the 22nd, we have a fun, return engagement at the Big Easy with Jimmy and the Soul Cats.  This is a fantastic club, with a big dance floor, so don’t miss it.

Keep an eye out for some great swing dance adventures coming up in July and early August and for the debut of a new jazz band project called the Hadacol Bouncers! I am teaming up with Peter Dunphy from the Bellamy Jazz band to form a small band that can play in the street or in any club and will keep your toes tappin’ and your feet sliding to the beat.  Down the road on August 3, the Lay Z Gait band will be having their debut at the Dam Blues Fest in Damariscotta, ME.

So stay tuned and get out and enjoy as much live music as you can this summer.  It will be over befoe you know it.  Best, Tom

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